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About Us

Created at the start of 2010, I Love Bass was founded by Adam McPeake and James Preston.

Both being interested in photography and cars they often joint the two and put photos online. After doing this for a while, they decided on starting a website where they could share their photos.

The name ' I Love Bass ' funnily enough, comes from Adam's love for bass, not the fish - but the low-frequency sound that comes from sub woofers, which are widely known for being installed in modified cars. Adam had one in his first few cars, and the name kinda made sense - at the time.

It more represents where the brand and the love of cars came from, than what they now post about.

The site has grown beyond the wildest expectations Adam and James ever had, and now hosts content from all over the world. Below is the people that make this site possible, without them it wouldn't be where it is today.

Who are we?

  • adam mcpeake
    Adam McPeake
    The Boss.
  • james preston
    James Preston
    The Pretty One.
  • Ryan Wilson
    Ryan Wilson
    The Rope Tier.
  • Lewis McClay
    Lewis McClay
    The Bitch.
  • Ben Hunter
    Ben Hunter
    The Tinder Pro.
  • Jordan Poole
    Jordan Poole
    The Pool Cleaner.
  • Matthew Breadon
    Matthew Breadon
    The Beard.
  • Shaun Steenson
    Shaun Steenson
    The Midget.
  • Stewart Garett
    Stewart Garett
    The Big Lad.
  • Thomas Sturgeon
    Thomas Sturgeon
    The Fixer.
  • Ricky Tsang
    Ricky Tsang
    The Magician.
  • David Lewis
    David Lewis
    The Hipster.


ILB has photographers from all over the world contributing to the small site that started in Northern Ireland. Here are those who have helped out and links to their portfolios / flickr / twitter accounts.

- Adam McPeake
- James Preston
- Jonny Smith
- Alex Carroll
- Robbie Donaldson
- Jessica Kang
- Jeroen De Plancke ( Zjerome )
- Ryan Wilson
- James Macauley
- Lewis McClay
- Jonny Smith
- Stephen Golden
- Philip Ray
- Mathieu Jobin
- Robin Knighton
- Owen Franssen

Notable mentions for helping out where possible.

- Jonny Mckinney
- Paul Hicklin
- Chris McCoppin

The website

Our fancy new website ( now in version 3 ) was created by Adam McPeake.