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Sam Cam's Evo X

by Tyler Milkovitz
4th September 2012 · United States

I specifically remember browsing through Facebook one day, and seeing nothing but pictures of Sam’s car posted on every car and stance blog. After realizing he was local I wanted to do two things: meet him and shoot his car. About a week or so later, after just finishing a shoot I received a call from Jake Looney, a buddy of Sam’s, looking for me because they were in the same spot I had just done the shoot. I quickly rushed back and got the chance to finally meet Sam. Seeing his car in person was definitely better than in pictures. I immediately began asking questions about it including when I could shoot.

After speaking with I Love Bass, they seemed very enthusiastic about allowing me to do the feature for them to boost the profile of Sam's car in the UK. So Sam and I set a date and shot in a few locations I had planned out. As a photographer himself, he was bouncing different ideas off of me which made the shoot much more enjoyable.

Enough about the minor details, Sam’s Evo X on air ride does a good job at turning heads. After previously owning fast cars including a 350z, he decided it was time for a change. In early 2012 he purchased his 2008 Mitsubishi Evolution with intentions on doing small modifications to make it faster. After realizing he could go fast and also stance it, he began his epic suspension journey. He originally ordered BC racing extreme lows and ran them for a few months. 

Sam then decided to go air, which wasn’t as easy as finding coilovers was. He spent about a month or so contacting various companies in hopes that they would build him an air ride kit. After finding a company, which is top secret, it took 2 months to build. Finally after completing the install himself, he was happy with how the car sat. All while he was searching for an air ride suspension; he managed to go through about 2 or 3 sets of wheels. His current setup is a beautiful set of Work Emotion’s 18x10 with a -5 offset.

His current set of modifications includes:

Air ride Suspension
Work Emotion 18x10
Injen Intake
Invidia 3in Turboback exhaust
Works Short Shifter and bushings
Additional fmic piping

Sam has many future plans for the car including a new set of wheels by next season. He would also like to do minor interior and exterior work to help the car stand out even more.

Photos by: Tyler Milkovitz
Car Owner: Sam Cam
Words by: Tyler Milkovitz
Editor: Adam McPeake
Location: Pennsylvania, United States