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Edition 38 2012 Part 1

by Jonny Smith
8th September 2012 · England

With the British summer coming to a close and the beginning of September quickly ariving. It could only mean one thing, it was time for a weekend packed with sun, beer and truley stunning cars from all over the UK and Europe. This of course means it was time for the hugely popular Edition 38 show at Overstone Park, Northampton.

Now in it's 12th year. Edition 38 is ran over 3 days in Septemner. Starting out as a small show and forum ran by a group of VAG enthusiasts; it has now grown to become one of the worldest biggest and most well known VW and VAG shows - it's a must attend event to all VAG group enthusiasts.

With a forcast of light clouds, with breaks of sun and rain. Some people were sceptical about what could happen. But thankfully, unlike the normal end to the British summer - the rain stayed away and the sun came out which helped the atmosphere - which as always was very relaxed and fun.

This year was a massive step up from previous years, making the judges job a lot harder. The amount of amazing cars in the Show and Shine was unbeliveable from every angle. To me, over this past year - the progression of the UK car scene has steped up a notch and this weekend brings it all together and shows it all off.

There was a great mix of your normal show cars, with the popular airbags and split rims - to static cars supporting some crazy lows on coilovers and springs, engine builds, conversions and a mix of everything. Edition has it all.

One great part about shows like this is taking a walk around the show grounds. You get to meet new people who share the same obsession as you do - and of course finally putting faces to names you've spoke to dozens of times online. You get to swap stories, and share ideas. Then, once your legs give up - you can find a nice spot to sit down with a cold drink and listen to people as they talk about their cars on the main stage. This is unique to Edition that happens every year and always one of my favourite moments of the show.

The support from enthusiasts and vendors for the show is always helping it move on and upwards. Meguiars supplied the prizes, with G23 Enginenearing making and supplying the amazing tropheys and SYCO graphics supplying the show with stickers.

Our friends at Performace VW is always regular attender as well. This year in their corner, they had some of their cover cars - allowing you to get up close and personal with some of the best cars in the scene.

We look forward to next year. But until then, next week brings Players - another huge English car show which we all be attending.


Show and Shine Results: 

Best in Class:
Golf Mk1: Big Ron
Golf Mk2: Russ Whitfield 
Golf Mk3: Scaff 
Golf Mk4: Davor from Low Familia
Golf Mk5: Si Sweetland
Golf Mk6: Jimmy Studio 
Rallye: Ben fisher
Polo: Marcus Vater MK2 Derby
Lupo: Ryan Noon
Caddy: Hulk
Scirocco: White mk3 Carlsons
Seat:  Kev Peak from VagClub
Standard: Lee Wright's Mk1 Golf
Bootboy: Oliver Verheij Mk1 16v
Beetle: Beige Aircooled vsl 139
Audi: Rob Goodwin

Sponser Choices: 
Stlyehaus:OEM Mk2 Golf
HIC: KHK 816Y mk1
PVW: Hamish White Quattro SWB

Best Club Stand: Dubfiction
Best Paint: Oliver Verheij's Mk1 Golf.
Best Interior: Ralf Beige Mk2 Golf
Best Engineering: Hamish White Quattro SWB
Best Engline Bay: Twan Mk1 cab VW Fanatics

Show Runner Up: Twan Mk1 cab VW fanatics 
Show Winner: Ralf Beige Mk2 Golf

Photos by: Jonny Smith
Show Organiser: Edition 38
Words by: Jonny Smith & Adam McPeake
Editor: James Preston
Location: Northampton, United Kingdom