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Martin McConnellogue's Mk4 Bolf

by Adam McPeake
13th September 2012 · Northern Ireland

While doing the shoot of Mark McGuiness's mk5 Golf, I spoke to Marty about his own mk4 Golf. Then after seeing him and the car at the Harmony Hill car show in Lisburn, we agreed we needed to do a shoot. But being on opposite sides of Northern Ireland we kept postponing, until finally we set a date and decided to meet up in Magherfelt to do the shoot last weekend.

Marty bought the Golf as just a run about until he built his Bora Coupe project. But as he says, things got a bit out of hand with the Golf. Always being a big lover of VW’s, he can never seem to sell his old cars, instead they just become another project. He also drives a Golf Harlequin as his work car, nice!

The first thing you'll probably notice about the car is obviously the Bora front end ( making it a Bolf ) and then maybe you'll notice the custom mixed Hummer Sage Green the car has been completely resparayed in.

Marty has done every bit of work to this car himself, a huge accomplishment and fantastic work at that. He's fitted hand fabricated wide arches, mouldings, rubstrips, side repeaters and smoothed his 4 motion splitters, smoothed the door handle buckets, smoothed the tailgate with bumper blend add-on, fitted a de-badged grill and smoothed the bonnet notch and extended it above the headlights. He's also fitted Lupo stumpy mirrors, removed the arial, trimmed his headlights and painted them to match the interior.

In the engine bay Marty has done even more work. He's done a full wire tuck, relocated the brain inside the car,  fitted an omp front mount intercooler, removed the expansion tank, relocated the washer jet bottle, removed the air-con, relocated the power steering bottle, and fitted an inline moroso filler cap with hidden recovery tank. Also removing the bulkhead, all sealer removed, all holes smoothed, a custom laser cut heater inlet plate, exhaust down pipe heat wrapped and removed the wipers front and back.

Then inside Marty has opted for Bride low max recliner seats and a Momo flocked 330mm race wheel. He's removed his back seats and sheeted off the area and trimmed it in black carpet. Then trimmed the A,B,C pillars and air bag cover in some army camo. He's fitted a black roof liner and hidden his air ride switches and gages in the ashtray.

In the wheel department Marty has picked some very nice BBS RS 17" ( 10x17 and 11.5x17 ). They've been resprayed in the same colour as the body of the car, and custom wheel centres to match. He's also got stainless steel wheel bolts and nuts, 215/40/17 toyo proxy’s up front and 235/40/17 continental sport’s on the rear, Rayvern management and front struts, air lift rear bags, a firestone compressor and air tank, full mk5 golf running gear conversion to 5x112 and mk5 r32 brakes with drilled discs.

A true enthusiast who loves his VW's. We can't wait to see what else he does with the car, and what other cars he builds in the next year.

Photos by: Adam McPeake and James Preston
Car Owner: Martin McConnellogue
Words by: Adam McPeake
Editor: Adam McPeake
Location: Magherfelt, Northern Ireland