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Outside the gates of H2oi

by Tyler Milkovitz
25th October 2012 · United States

In late September my buddies and I headed down to Ocean City, Maryland to enjoy the weekend at H2oi. Each year we look forward to heading down to the beach and surrounding ourselves with some of the nicest cars on the East coast and surrounding area. This show has been gaining more and more hype each year. Over 120 blocks in Ocean City are filled to the max with nothing but proper cars.

Some of the greatest memories are not based around the actual show - just the time spent together throughout the weekend. Each day, from Thursday to Sunday, there are countless amounts of gtg’s and meets along the strip. The strip is also a great way to showcase your car. Enthusiasts fill up the streets to view the cars as they cruise. The meets and gtg’s range from Mk1, Mk2 etc, the Outcast meet as well as vendor meets.  Each year we try to attend as many meets as possible to see the wide variety of cars. 

H2oi was originally based around European cars but has spread into other various makes and models. The Outcast meet is a meet dedicated to cars out of the ordinary and not European. As you can see in the coverage there is a wide variety of cars that attend H2oi each year.

Photos by: Tyler Milkovitz
Words by: Tyler Milkovitz
Editor: Adam McPeake
Location: Ocean City, Maryland, United States