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Showerks Level Up

by Adam McPeake
19th November 2012 · Northern Ireland

After the success of their Showerks live show in June, and the success of their summer cruise the guys at Showerks came back with a brand new event yesterday in Bangor. We're starting to think they're working with the Bangor Tourism Minister as these shows see people from all around Northern Ireland turning up to show off their cars.

Unlike their other events, this one was hosted in a multi story car park in the center of Bangor and made for a pretty awesome location with spots available both inside and outside. Our stand was conveniently placed right in the heart of the action! Thanks to everyone who stopped by, our limited edition white lanyards went like hot cakes throughout the day. As I type this only 7 are left for sale online.

A great all round show, and something a bit different from the norm - hopefully it'll return next year.

Photos by: James Preston and Ryan Wilson
Show Organiser: Showerks
Words by: Adam McPeake
Location: Bangor, Northern Ireland