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Rodney McKnight's Scirocco

by Adam McPeake
22nd July 2013 · Northern Ireland

Rodney picked up his Viper green 2.0 GT TDI Scirocco in December of 2011. He had some visions for it, but like every project his ideas evolved and changed as time went on. From the offset, Rodney wanted to slam the car with Hydros. So he turned to our friend John Peden who fitted him a 4-way custom hydraulics set up. Making this car not only special here in NI, but in the rest of the world too.

With his ideas changing and evolving, he went through a range of different wheel setups. First with Rota Grids, then Bentleys, Helios, Rotiform 3 piece BLQ's and 3SDM 005's before he finally landed on the wheel he's with now. Those awesome Rotiform 3 piece forged SNAs. 19x10 et30 19x11 et35. Custom made in California for his car.

Rodney has also installed a full genuine R-Line kit with custom twin exhausts. Inside he's fitted R-line Recaro front seats and did a full interior retrim in dark alcantara. This included the headliner, the door cards with cross diamond green stiching, the back seats retrimmed to match the new front seats. He also finished the armrest, gearstick and handbrake in the same black leather with green stitching. The parcel shelf and boot where also retrimmed with the same leather and dark alcantara. The car also had custom green LED lighting installed by Top Secret Evolution.

Under the hood Rodney resprayed the engine cover with colour coded trim and had the centre done with gunmetal grey with white sparkle with German flag.

We've been meaning to catch up with Rodney and do a feature on his car for a while now, but since he was always changing and playing with it - we thought it best to wait till now. Now that the car really is complete, and we must say - it looks fantastic!

Along the journey Rodney has picked up a total of 16 trophies. Including second best Scirocco mk3, and 3rd best overall Scirocco at Edition 38 last year. But we definitely think he's in with good chances of picking up the winning spot this year with the car's new look.

Photos by: James Preston and Adam McPeake
Car Owner: Rodney McKnight
Words by: Adam McPeake
Location: Castlewellan, Northern Ireland