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Robert Cumberbatch's Hill…

Posted 18 hours ago by Adam England

Now here's something, without doubt - you don't see every day. And the story of this car is just as rare. ( Que harry potter music - listen along here while you read) This story begins when Robert w…

i love bass

Edition 38 Part 2

Posted 1 week ago by James England

We're back - carrying on with our E38 coverage that we started last week. Looking back through these photos really reinforces my previous thought, the quaility of cars at Edition is un-matched at any…

i love bass

Edition 38 Part 1

Posted 2 weeks ago by James England

Can you believe we've never actually been to Edition38 before? Well, our photographers have been and sent us photos - but we haven't actually been. Like, wtf? This year - that changed. On Thursday af…

i love bass

ILB TV : Episode Four : F…

Posted 2 weeks ago by Adam England

Continuing on with our new web series - here we are with Episode four. This episode brings you all behind the scenes goodness from our recent trip over the water to FittedUK. In this episode, you'll r…

i love bass

Gav Cheung's BMW E36 328i

Posted 3 weeks ago by James England

This car is static. I think that's the perfect way to kick of this article, because really - it's the first thing someones gonna tell you when they show you this car in person. The next thing they…