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James Harper's Audi A1

Posted 4 weeks ago by Alex England

If you've been following the show scene this year, it's fair to say that you'll probably have noticed James Harper's evil looking A1 all over your news feed recently. We were lucky enough to get a fea…

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VW Days 2014

Posted 1 month ago by Alex France

European shows are becoming more and more popular within the UK car scene with what seems to be increasing amounts of people heading across the water to the big shows like Worthersee, MIVW and VW Days…

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ILB TV : Episode One : Li…

Posted 1 month ago by Adam Northern Ireland

It's seems the video production wheel has progressively slowed and slowed here at ILB. We want that to change, so after toying with the idea in our heads for a while now - we've put together our new p…

i love bass

Players Classic 2014

Posted 1 month ago by Alex England

So here we are, one year on since the Players Boys debuted their new show, Players Classic. Many good things can be said of last years, the brilliant weather, the diverse selection of cars, the track…

i love bass

Brian Dunne's Rat Beetle

Posted 1 month ago by James Ireland

While down in Limerick the other week, we took some extra time on the Saturday night to do a feature with this ratted out Beetle - we saw it at Dubshed and just knew we had to shoot it. After dropp…