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Westside Treffen 2014

Posted 1 month ago by Jonny England

Last weekend saw the return of the Westside VW. What started as just a group of good friends from around West London sharing a common interest in the VW group of vehicles has evolved and turned into t…

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DMPD Finest 2014

Posted 1 month ago by Zjerome Belgium

While at Edition earlier this year, we met the guys from DMPD. We where actually pitched right beside them. And if their home country wasn't so damn far away, we'd be straight over to one of their sho…

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Titanic Dubs 2014

Posted 1 month ago by James Northern Ireland

As the Northern Irish car show scene comes to a close we revisit one of our favourite shows of the year. Held at the  birth place of the Titanic - Titanic Dubs pushes it's space to the max, with…

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Players Show 2014 Part 2

Posted 1 month ago by James

What? You think that was all of players? That was just part one. We where blown away with the sheer size of the Players Show this year. No matter your preference, it was guaranteed you'd find somethi…

i love bass

Players Show 2014 - Part…

Posted 2 months ago by James England

It's been a few years since we hit up Players in Essex. Held every year at the North Weald Airfield, Players is one of the biggest shows in the UK. It showcases a bit of everything, from your VAG cars…