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David McMaster's Honda Civic

by Adam McPeake
26th June 2011 · Northern Ireland

Earlier this month we released our latest exclusive video, which show cased David McMaster's awesome EP2 Civic. Today we expand on that video with a full photo feature and write up.

David's Civic has been popping up at shows all over Northern Ireland for the past year or so, and we've loved it since the first time we seen it. But only recently has David put his final touches to it and allowed us to take him out for a McDonalds ( where he got stuck on a speed bump ) and snap it up for you all to see.

Slammed on Raceland coilovers, David's daily driven Civic has got to have one of the most aggressive static ride heights out there. To get him even lower to the ground David has went for 16" Rota Grid Drifts, which definitely suit this EP3 to the ground.

After ripping out the rear seats and the rest of the rear insides, David fitted a C Pillar strut brace and front Recaros with 4 point harnesses. These keep you firmly in your seat, which you'll be thankful for when you hit a few pot holes with that suppension, because trust me; it gets bumpy.

To complete that track car look, David has also fitted a Mugen spoiler with a carbon mid section, rear Datum 1 tow hook, front tow strap and a badass removable dished steering wheel.

Not forgetting his sweet purple wheel bolts and Jap number plates David has really put together an awesome civic which stands well out from all the normal civics you'll see flying about. We love it, thumbs up!

Photos by Adam McPeake, James Preston and Robbie Donaldson. With guest photographers Ross Idzhar and Ralph McTeggart from RalphRoss Photography helping out. Cheers guys.

Words by Adam McPeake