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FittedUK 2015 - Official…

Posted 1 day ago by Adam

Last year the guys over at FittedUK invited us to be a part of their new show. We accepted, and went along. It blew us away - quickly becoming one of our favourite shows of the year. So when year 2 ca…

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FittedUK 2015 Part 2

Posted 4 weeks ago by James

So you've had your part 1. Now it's time for part 2. Let's just talk about some of the cars we seen on show. We fall in love with this 32 every time we see it. It may be simple but it wo…

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FittedUK 2015 Part 1

Posted 1 month ago by James

Ohh Fitted, Fitted, Fitted. Where do we begin? With this lad who was about to eat a gold fish? Or prehaps we should start with this dog, who has more swag than Justin Bieber... No, I shall start…

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GTINI's Castlewellan 2015…

Posted 1 month ago by Adam

If you're into your cars in Ireland, then you'll probably have heard of GTINI's Castlewellan. Held in the amazing County Down landscape, beside a lake and a maze. Each year GTINI invite a select range…

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Castlewellan 2015

Posted 1 month ago by James

It was a cold, dark, miserable Saturday morning when five men set upon their great adventure to the mystical land of Castlewellan. ( Am I going too Lord of the Rings? No? okay ) Many miles of rai…