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Ben Jennings's Mini Coope…

Posted 1 day ago by Alex

Chances are, if you're from Worcester you will have heard of a car club called TwoTwenty and you will have seen this Mini at their meets along with Ross’ Lupo GTi which we featured late las…

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Tsar Sheane's 1954 Volksw…

Posted 1 week ago by James

You may have seen this car last year at Dubshed, parked in the main hall between some pillars. If not, then more than likely you'll have seen it on the Dubshed 2014 flyer we designed, or the billboard…

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Gethin Evans' mk3 Golf

Posted 4 months ago by Adam

The Dub scene gets a lot of grief for being all poke, no smoke. All show, no go. Having a fancy car to look at, but when you jump in to go some where - it's just a boring 2 litre diesel or a 1.6 petro…

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Ross Mullin's VW Lupo GTI

Posted 4 months ago by Alex

I think it's safe to say a good majority of people in the UK now adays start out their driving carrers in something like a Corsa C. I know a couple of the guys here at ILB did. The same can be said fo…

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Tom Kennedy's Polo

Posted 5 months ago by Adam

Tom's a scumbag. That's the first thing you think when you see this wee purple Polo, but if you get a chat with him you'll soon find out he's a nice chap with stretched ears who really likes cats. Th…