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Steve Fraser & Kats Giles…

Posted 4 days ago by Alex

Here we have Kat and Steve's Golfs, better known as Kaggie and Fish. We're pretty sure you will have seen these cars before and numerous photos all over the social media streams but we thought we'd gi…

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James Harper's Audi S3

Posted 1 month ago by Alex

You may have heard the name James Harper before, if so - it's probably because of his slick Audi A1 which we featured last year. Well he's back, with another Audi - so we thought, heck - let's feature…

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Mark Stewart's BMW 135i

Posted 1 month ago by James

If you looked at this thing a few weeks before Dubshed - you'd have seen a completely different car. Originally Mark rolled it into the shop for a simple colour change. But ideas started flowing and b…

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Dale Buckley's Audi TT

Posted 2 months ago by Alex

Here we have Dale Buckley's TT back again with yet another complete revamp, some of you may recognise this car from last years shows when it was green on BBS RF's. I thought as many others did, tha…

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Michael Patton's Polo GTI

Posted 3 months ago by James

I don't know about you, but some times it takes the persuasion of a friend to help me get motivated to do something... This is sort of what happened to Michael and his Polo. Having his heart set on…