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Robert Cumberbatch's Hill…

Posted 1 day ago by Adam

Now here's something, without doubt - you don't see every day. And the story of this car is just as rare. ( Que harry potter music - listen along here while you read) This story begins when Robert w…

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Gav Cheung's BMW E36 328i

Posted 3 weeks ago by James

This car is static. I think that's the perfect way to kick of this article, because really - it's the first thing someones gonna tell you when they show you this car in person. The next thing they…

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James Harper's Audi A1

Posted 2 months ago by Alex

If you've been following the show scene this year, it's fair to say that you'll probably have noticed James Harper's evil looking A1 all over your news feed recently. We were lucky enough to get a fea…

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Brian Dunne's Rat Beetle

Posted 3 months ago by James

While down in Limerick the other week, we took some extra time on the Saturday night to do a feature with this ratted out Beetle - we saw it at Dubshed and just knew we had to shoot it. After dropp…

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Peter Matthews' Audi S4 A…

Posted 4 months ago by Adam

Picture this, you have an awesome pearl velocity red Audi S4 Avant. And you're asked to do a feature for some silly website on a random Tuesday. Only that random Tuesday is your birthday, and those di…