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Harmony Hill 2014

Posted 5 months ago by James

Yesterday we returned to Harmony Hill car show in Lisburn for the 4th year running. After a short stop for the standard pre show fry-up, we arrived (on time for once) whilst it was lovely and sunny, a…

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Ultimate Car Show 2014

Posted 6 months ago by James

Finally, the sun is sort of out and the 2014 Northern Irish show season is under way. Ultimate Car Show, or UCS as it's more commonly known as is first to land. Last year the show was actually snowed…

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Car of the Year, 2013 - T…

Posted 9 months ago by Adam

Another new year is upon is. So firstly, we'd like to thank all our readers for being with us this past year and we hope you all had a great Christmas and New Years. 2014 looks great for us, lot's of…

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Car of the Year, 2013

Posted 10 months ago by Adam

Last year, for the first year ever - we ran a competition to allow you, our reader the chance to vote for your favourite ILB feature car of the year. With a huge amount of you voting, over 600! We are…

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ILB - Year 3 - The Video

Posted 1 year ago by Adam

Normally uploaded at the end of March, our year long video covers all the biggest shows, features, events and other things we've done here at ILB in the past year. Sorry that this one is a little late…