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Exclusive Car Show Reports

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Players Show 10.0

Posted 1 week ago by James England

This year saw the Players Show hit it's 10th anniversary. This year, like every other year, seen the North Weald Airfield fill with a whole variety of cars, from Fiestas to hot rods. This show re…

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Edition38 2016

Posted 2 weeks ago by James England

Why does Edition38 remain one of the biggest VAG Shows in the world, year after year? Well, let's explain. Starting off with the camping; Friday afternoon see's a small town of tents & teepee's erect…

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RollHard: The Show 2016

Posted 1 month ago by Alex England

Ever since we ran our feature on the guys from RollHard last year at Players Classic, we’ve been keeping a close eye on their progress. This group of car guys have really turned their passion in…

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Grounded Event 2016

Posted 1 month ago by James

Adam: "James, I think we are going to Russia." James: "Russia?!" Adam: "Yes James. Russia."  Back in October we received an email from Ruslan Rozhnov. He wanted us to come see his show "Grounded…

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FittedUK 2016 Part 2

Posted 1 month ago by James England

So why FittedUK? Is it the cars? The standard on show on Sunday was ridiculously high. Not every show has R8 race cars on platforms, immaculate 2002 ti's, not mentions the hundreds of other show…