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Exclusive Car Show Reports

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Eurotripper 2016

Posted 4 days ago by Adam United States

Located on the west coast of Florida in Fort Myers. Eurotripper sits on the grounds of the Boston Red Sox Spring Training baseball field. It's a couple hours west of Miami, and a couple hours south of…

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SEMA Show 2015

Posted 2 months ago by Patrick United States

November 1st, 6am. We were traveling to the airport, destination: Las Vegas, Nevada. I was pretty nervous about the flight. It was my first time flying and my first time leaving mainland Europe. Firs…

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Ultimate Stance 2015

Posted 3 months ago by James England

New to the show calendar last year Ultimate Stance brings us back to where the year started, Telford. Ran by the same lads who put together Ultimate Dubs which opens the show calender in March each ye…

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Rollhard Belgium Chapter…

Posted 3 months ago by James Belgium

August saw the return of Rollhard's Belgium Chapter. Now into it's third year it's safe to say this is definitely a show worth the trip into mainland Europe for. Set around the beautiful town of Aarsc…

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GTINI's Titanic Dubs 2015

Posted 4 months ago by Adam Northern Ireland

As far as show locations go, the birth place of the Titanic has to be up their with some of the coolest.  We weren't expecting good weather, as usual - but you know the guys at GTINI always have…