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Exclusive Car Show Reports

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Fitted UK : Part 1

Posted 1 day ago by Adam England

If I had to explain FittedUK in 3 words, it would be - Impressive . Hot . Awesome. For a show to go down as well in it's first year as FittedUK did is quite uncommon, but as far as I could see - Fitt…

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Car Culture Live 2014

Posted 2 weeks ago by Adam Northern Ireland

On Sunday, Car Culture Live returned for it's third year - in yet another new location. This time setting up camp in Ballykelly, just outside Limavady. We rolled in nice and early and started feeling…

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Castlewellan 2014

Posted 2 weeks ago by James Northern Ireland

If you ask about the ILB office, you'll get the impression Castlewellan is one of our favourite shows. Not because it's the biggest show of the year, because it's not - and not because it has the wide…

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VW Days 2014

Posted 3 weeks ago by Alex France

European shows are becoming more and more popular within the UK car scene with what seems to be increasing amounts of people heading across the water to the big shows like Worthersee, MIVW and VW Days…

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Players Classic 2014

Posted 1 month ago by Alex England

So here we are, one year on since the Players Boys debuted their new show, Players Classic. Many good things can be said of last years, the brilliant weather, the diverse selection of cars, the track…