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Exclusive Car Show Reports

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Edition 38 Part 2

Posted 5 days ago by James England

We're back - carrying on with our E38 coverage that we started last week. Looking back through these photos really reinforces my previous thought, the quaility of cars at Edition is un-matched at any…

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Edition 38 Part 1

Posted 1 week ago by James England

Can you believe we've never actually been to Edition38 before? Well, our photographers have been and sent us photos - but we haven't actually been. Like, wtf? This year - that changed. On Thursday af…

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Cleanfest 2014

Posted 1 month ago by James Scotland

When we heard the guys at Keepitclean were running their first show we knew that a road trip was in order. On Saturday evening a group of 10 cars met at the docks ready to set off for Cleanfest. A few…

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Showerks Level Up: Level…

Posted 1 month ago by James Northern Ireland

After the success of the first Level Up show, Showerks decided to do it all over again. Their location, a multistory carpark in the centre of Bangor, provides the perfect mix of indoor and outdoor spa…

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Fitted UK : Part 2

Posted 1 month ago by Adam England

Time for Part 2 of our FittedUK coverage. The night before the show, Matt decided to stop off at Tesco and purchase some fine Tesco bubbles, so what better way to kick of Part 2, than with some bubble…